Select – localize – and go fishing



In January we shared some best practices for how to write a press-release that will accomplish its targets – increasing the sales of your products or services. Let’s now explore the distribution process in greater detail. You won’t see any results even with an interesting headline and a well written press release if the recipient is not right, the language isn’t understandable or it never reaches the intended media.

Select your audience carefully

A careful selection of media means that you analyze what type of readers / viewers / listeners are potentially interested in your news – and do not flatter yourself. Discuss with peers, but also good honest friends that aren’t in the business. Parents tend to think that their baby is a miracle, others consider him someone else’s kid. The same goes for your products.

Many distribution services offer you only generic media lists like “Te
chnology”, request more! Technology is such a wide field; the media dealing with PCs are completely different from the media specialized on software for process industry.

In you can select and combine around 800 business categories and 160 countries. By searching with different key words you can find media that is specialized in your field of business. After that you can view each publication and remove those that aren’t relevant. You can save your media lists, make copies of them and optimize each copy according to the news at hand.

Localize, localize, localize

Media is overloaded with press releases and news texts. A text that arrives to a French / Italian / Russian / Spanish etc magazine in English has small, if any, probabilities to be published. You will have to localize your text to have a chance. A translation is the most obvious way to localize. Think also about localizing customer cases if at all possible. If you have a Greek customer you can refer to, don’t settle for the American case in the Greek translation because you had that in your English version. If you mention units, please convert to the local units if they are different.

The news distribution service tells you what languages are needed and prepares a separate page for each version. When you have uploaded your translations it will distribute your press release in the correct language to each media.

The B2B Press team monitors the distributions and re-sends press releases to media who may have changed their contact details recently.

“Some like it hot, some like it sweet” – go with a multi-channel approach

Publish your press release in at least one place and invite visitors through multiple channels. In you publish your press release in one or several languages, and you send it to your chosen recipients, with pictures included. Don’t settle for services that cannot include pictures. A good picture will raise a much bigger interest than a brilliant text.

Once you have distributed your text, maximize its impact by inviting visitors through a variety of channels. Use a URL shortening service like to create a tiny URL, and yes is another one. Use that short address in your Twitter account, Facebook, LinkedIn… What? You don’t have any of those? Well start there then. A dialog with your customers, stakeholders and potential audience is increasingly important. In the next blog post we shall have a closer look into how you go fishing for more attention to your press release.

Check it out! Free registration and media planning, pictures in the release:

New version of B2B Press brings handy features

The new version of B2B Press introduces several visible improvements. Media lists can be edited and saved with a Save As – functionality leaving the original list untouched. The user can select replacing languages for those language versions that aren’t available, and the press release creation is automatically populated with the required languages. These are a few of all improvements.

Increase the chance for publication with the right language
Click the globe icon to edit the language selection of your media list. Or when you create a new list, you will be prompted to review the language selection in a third step. You can decide to keep a language, replace a language or to leave out the publications issued in a certain language. Select the row with a hyphen if you want to omit publications in that language.

Replace languages that you don't have available

Replace languages that you don’t have available

Select media lists first to populate the press release creator with correct language tabs
It is possible to work in any order with the media list, press release and pictures. However, if you first create or select one or several media lists, you will notice that the press release creator automatically displays the language tabs required by the media list(s). Then you only have to copy paste your texts there. You can save, once you have inserted all texts.

“Save As” leaves original media list untouched
You can create and keep a master media list, where the industry selection is optimized for your needs. Thanks to the new ‘Save As’ function you can keep the original list and create for example various country versions of the master.

Publish immediately or schedule publication
You can now decide that your press release should be published as soon as you have completed the payment process, then select Publish immediately. Then you don’t have to estimate how long it might take. You can also, however, define that the press release should be published later at a certain time, which can be different per language, if you so wish.

Define when the press releases are sent to the media.

Define when the press releases are sent to the media.

Expand the media list to see the magazines by clicking +
The icon for expanding the media list has been changed to the same plus + and minus – used for expanding and collapsing industry branches. We hope that this will help users to find this feature.

Click on + to see all publications and details about them (mouse over)

Click on + to see all publications and details about them (mouse over)

Captions are not mandatory anymore
It‘s now possible to include pictures without captions. However, we still recommend including them. Readers typically browse headers, pictures and captions. Please note to select the correct languages yourself.

Thoughts about this? Talk to us!

How to sell more products through a well written press release

For you to sell more and have happy customers, your potential customers will have to know the benefits of your products. That is simple in theory, in practice not so. Let’s explore the means of enlightening your audiences with news distribution through a press release (PR).

“To get your PR published or not, that’s the question”
Getting you press release published is by no means an automatic function of sending it to the media. Editors’ inboxes get flooded with press releases, spam, marketing, and more press releases. So what can you do to help your press release find its way to your targeted readers?

“Real news is good news”
Editors are clever people; they notice marketing stunts and get irritated. Write a press release when you have real news to tell. ‘News’ means new, not that you got the idea to sell more, and to people driving red cars rather than blue ones.

Unique, best, most – forget those
‘Fast’ is ok, consider critically writing ‘faster’, and forget ‘fastest’. If the car you are selling is fast, state it as a fact with numeric information to support your argument. If you want to compare (faster), make sure to include the facts. For example, the top speed of car X is 180 km/h, which makes it faster than a cheetah, of which the maximum speed is 120 km/h.

Capture your readers
Capture the interest of your readers straight away with the most interesting message. That is what is most likely to be beneficial or interesting to them. “Sell more products through a well written press release” not “Write well, it is nicer to read”, or “Write well for the editors to become interested”.

Once you have broken the main news you can present additional pieces of news, underlying facts and supporting arguments. When you do this well you’ll keep your reader until the last word.

Point and send – don’t spam
Identify your audience, and analyze what kind of magazines they are likely to read. For business audiences there are a lot of publications that are not known to the masses. These newsletters and magazines are referred to as trade press. is a news distribution channel that specializes on trade press. The database contains almost 100,000 publications in 160 countries.

Create your distribution list by selecting countries and target industries. Fine-tune it by looking at all individual magazines and remove those that aren’t relevant.

Clients appreciate the B2B pricing model

Last week B2B Press was introduced at the biggest marketing communications event in Finland, Markkinointiviestinnän viikko. Our visitors have been very pleased to learn that we do not charge any fixed costs for using B2B Press. You pay only when you use, and for as many media as you  select.

This week we will launch B2B Press in Sweden, at Pack & Emballage 2013 in Stockholm, Kista. Welcome to our booth C:05 to see what B2B Press can do for you!

We will also have presence in Lucca Italy, at the 20th International Exhibition of Paper Industry, MIAC 2013, 16-18th October 2013.

Cooperation with international journalists

To assist our customers in finding a suitable editor for production of press releases and stories, B2B Press has agreed on cooperation with an international network of journalists – Clic Correspondents Oy (info in Finnish). Through this network you can find professional writers in many countries, journalists who know both Finland and their current home country.


B2B Press is in production – Welcome!

As of today and are live in English, works in Finnish, and, .no and .dk are  functional in Swedish.

The team has worked hard to fix bugs, but there are still some inconvenient features that we will improve. We suggest that you read through the updates on the Known Issues page, so that you know what we have identified and are working on.

If you have a couple of minutes more to invest, it could be beneficial for you to review the Quick Guide. Then you should be ready to start publishing.