New version of B2B Press brings handy features

The new version of B2B Press introduces several visible improvements. Media lists can be edited and saved with a Save As – functionality leaving the original list untouched. The user can select replacing languages for those language versions that aren’t available, and the press release creation is automatically populated with the required languages. These are a few of all improvements.

Increase the chance for publication with the right language
Click the globe icon to edit the language selection of your media list. Or when you create a new list, you will be prompted to review the language selection in a third step. You can decide to keep a language, replace a language or to leave out the publications issued in a certain language. Select the row with a hyphen if you want to omit publications in that language.

Replace languages that you don't have available

Replace languages that you don’t have available

Select media lists first to populate the press release creator with correct language tabs
It is possible to work in any order with the media list, press release and pictures. However, if you first create or select one or several media lists, you will notice that the press release creator automatically displays the language tabs required by the media list(s). Then you only have to copy paste your texts there. You can save, once you have inserted all texts.

“Save As” leaves original media list untouched
You can create and keep a master media list, where the industry selection is optimized for your needs. Thanks to the new ‘Save As’ function you can keep the original list and create for example various country versions of the master.

Publish immediately or schedule publication
You can now decide that your press release should be published as soon as you have completed the payment process, then select Publish immediately. Then you don’t have to estimate how long it might take. You can also, however, define that the press release should be published later at a certain time, which can be different per language, if you so wish.

Define when the press releases are sent to the media.

Define when the press releases are sent to the media.

Expand the media list to see the magazines by clicking +
The icon for expanding the media list has been changed to the same plus + and minus – used for expanding and collapsing industry branches. We hope that this will help users to find this feature.

Click on + to see all publications and details about them (mouse over)

Click on + to see all publications and details about them (mouse over)

Captions are not mandatory anymore
It‘s now possible to include pictures without captions. However, we still recommend including them. Readers typically browse headers, pictures and captions. Please note to select the correct languages yourself.

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