Please check the alphabetical list for tips and solutionsLet us know what you miss! 

Delete any asset: Media lists, texts and pictures can be deleted from the system by putting them in Edit mode (the pen icon). Then you will see the red Delete button. In the media list you will see the button on the second/Industry selection page, just press Continue once. Published press releases are deleted from the My Press releases page. Please note! A published press release will disappear from the system when you delete!

Edit media list or picture in the scheduling window: In the scheduling window you can only edit your text. If you need to do any changes to your media list(s) or picture(s). Please go to My Desk and My Resources on that page. Edit as needed. Select again your media list(s), the text and the picture(s).

Email of recipient: I added the email address of an extra recipient to my media list. Nothing happens when I click “Add email”. -> Check that the email address is correct and without any special characters.

Language abbreviations, I don’t know what they mean. -> Move your mouse over the abbreviation to see the language name written out.

Language error message. -> Currently you must create a text tab and a picture caption for each language required by your media list. Please refer to the last page of the User manual available on the right side to see ways around this. The language selection process will be made easier within Dec 2013/January 2014.

Manuals: Where can I find instructions? -> Find a quick guide and a more extensive step-by-step guide in the right hand sidebar.

Media – how do I see the publications? -> In the Industry selection window: Click on the tiny triangle in front of the industry categories in your Selected industries and media outlets section. In the scheduling window: Click on the tiny triangle in front of the media list names in the Media lists section.

Pictures – Uploading with or without caption -> Upload the picture without adding a caption: Add file, select the picture, Open, Save. Then close teh window from the x in th eupper right hand corner. You will find the picture at the bottom of the My Resources field. To add the captions, select the field(s) for your language(s) before you hit Save. On My Desk you can edit your picture to add or remove captions.

Press release does not have the exact media list/pictures I want. I noticed that I forgot the pictures and I cannot add them, or I want to edit my media list. -> If you have continued from My Desk to the page where you schedule your distribution and you want to edit your media list(s) or add/delete pictures, then you will have to compile your press release again. But don’t worry, you have your material saved. Go to My desk. In the My Resources part you can edit your media list(s), select it/them, select your text and select the pictures you wanted and edit their captions. On the left side of the page, in the desk part,  you can upload new pictures.

Text – I cannot remove my selection in My Resources. -> If you have selected a text it will be visible also on the left side in that same window. There is a little x next to the Pen icon. Click on x to remove it, it will stay in the My Resources.

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