HELP! There is a mistake in my published text!

You can edit the press release that you have published in the B2B PRESS portal, and the change will be visible there. But you won’t be able to affect what was already emailed to your media list.

If you made a minor mistake, we suggest that you correct it for the B2B PRESS portal. To edit a PUBLISHED text, please  go to My Press Release History and select the Edit button there. For this purpose you CANNOT go to My Desk. If you edit the text there, the change will show only if you re-use your press release later.

But if it was a critical mistake, then you will probably want to mark clearly that you have corrected your text and re-send it. Then you go to My Desk and select your media list(s), text and picture(s). It is easy to send the press release again, since all your material has been stored in My Resources. You can delete the first version of your press release in the My Press Release History view. And yes, you will have to pay for another distribution round 😦 .

Manual available, and yes – you can see the content of media lists.

We have written a small manual for those of you who like instructions. I recommend you to bookmark it and keep it digital rather than printing it, because there are hyperlinks within the document. With the help of the links you can move back and forth, and from the Table of Content to specific pages and back. On the other hand, it has only 15 pages, so if you like print outs, go ahead!

View publications in your media list

Some players in the market compile media lists according to topics, for example Technology.  And the customer does not know which publications are included. B2B PRESS is transparent. When you create your media list you can view the publications included in your media list. Go to the Industry selection window and click on the tiny arrow before the category name. (My Desk -> Create/Edit media list -> Continue)


In front of the publication name the country flags indicate in which countries the magazine is issued. The letter code after the name shows its languages. Move your mouse over the name and you will see a pop up window with information about circulation, if available.

You can open your media list also in the scheduling view, but you must start from My Desk to edit it.

VAT number requires country code

Please make sure to include the country code in your VAT number when registering. You’ll find more information about VAT numbers in Wikipedia.

B2B PRESS is public in Beta

2013-07-05 The press release self-service B2B PRESS is public in Beta mode since June. We expect this phase of the service to last until late August 2013.

What does Beta mean for me?

Beta means only that we have too little experience of using the service to be 100% sure that it works as expected. We have tested and fixed bugs, but still, you may come across something that doesn’t function the way you would like it to. Then it is either a bug or a feature. Please give us feedback about it!

You can use B2B PRESS to distribute press releases world-wide. Select media outlets from one or several countries, and one or many industry sectors. Prepare your press release with formatting and pictures. Make sure to create all needed language versions of both the text and the picture captions. Your media list will indicate which are needed.

How can I make sure that my press release reaches the media outlets?

The B2B PRESS team monitors the email traffic every Monday-Friday. Bounced emails are investigated. Most media outlets have several contact addresses. Your press release will be manually resent by the team if it seems that it did not reach the intended publication.

What will we develop next?

Currently the interface language is English. Before September 2013 we will add Swedish and Finnish for the benefit of our Nordic customers.

Yours truly,
Community host